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i'm looking for a good opengl beginners source(books, site, etc) that has plenty of exercises during the way.
i noticed that i don't really get intrested in sources if they dont have any exercises for me to work on during my learning experience.
it's just much more intresting for me to be challenged for me during the way then to read everything all at once, or having to create the exercizes for myself.
i program in c/c++ so i need a source that teaches opengl through c/c++.
whats a good source that you recommend for me?
the source you give me doesn't have to be from personal experience.

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This is supposed to be a good website with lot of examples for learning OpenGL: http://www.opengl-tutorial.org

It was referred this year at SIGGRAPH as well as in various books.

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As far as problem solving in concerned, one of the best sites to look at is :


This site will increase your programming skills dramatically and will make you think in mathematical and formal ways to solve problems.

As for openGL using C/C++ check out the following:


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I learned pretty much everything I know about OpenGL from the NeHe tutorials.

It has most of the basic stuff, like creating a Win32 window that can hold an OpenGL rendering context, drawing your first 3D primitives, texturing, lighting, procedural animation, rendering fonts and using shaders.

The tutorials are taught in pure C and have ports to many many other programming languages.

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I also learned OpenGL through Nehe. But those tutorials are out-dated, many gl functions they use are now deprecated. –  memecs Feb 2 '13 at 8:51

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