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Let's say that I have file lib.ts which contains

/// <reference path="assets/webgl.d.ts" />
export var wrapper = 4;

Then I have file main.ts which contains

import lib = module("lib");
// when I hit space here, I see all the `webgl.d.ts` declarations

How can I stop webgl.d.ts polluting all the modules that load lib.ts? webgl.d.ts should be visible only inside of the lib.ts.

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Although this isn't what you want to happen, this is actually how the TypeScript language is documented to work. From the TypeScript Language Specification:

Any files included as dependencies in turn have their references analyzed in a transitive manner until all dependencies have been determined.

So the TypeScript compiler is designed to walk the dependency tree for you.

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Thank you for clarification. Well, the result for me is that I cannot use webgl.d.ts because the file is too long and it completely slows down / freezes the VS IDE. –  Oldrich Svec Feb 3 '13 at 8:13
I'm not sure that the specification covers this mix of references and external modules: for imported modules, walking dependencies does not mean polluting importers, for referenced code it does. Mixed usage seems to fall into the gap. –  claus Feb 3 '13 at 22:42

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