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I have a GUI designed in glade, using python/gtk in the background.I want to handle the delete event and display a "Are you sure?"-message dialog.I have been trying to handle the delete and destroy events, but failing to do so.any light?

import .... stuff

class App:
  def __init__(self):

    self.gladefile = 'test.glade'
    windowname = 'window'# This must match the window name in glade
    self.wTree = gtk.glade.XML(self.gladefile, windowname)# object for acessing widgets

    # Also need to set project2's signal tab

    self.wTree.signal_autoconnect (dic)

  def on_erro(self,widget,*args):

        print 'hello'

app = App()

This code opens a simple window .On clicking on close button, it prints hello and exits.(I want the window to remain open)

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What have you tried? How have you failed? Unless you elaborate, nobody will be able to help you. –  ptomato Feb 2 '13 at 11:02

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You have to return True in order to stop propagation of the delete event in the callback on_erro as mentioned in the documentation for "delete-event". In your current code, the callback is not returning any boolean value as required by the function, which I am guessing is returning False (Please check the signature for on_window_delete_event callback functions, the return type is boolean)
Hope this helps!

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