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How can use Tcl command in windows-7 ? I want to copy one file to other locaiton using a .bat file.

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.bat files are executed using the Windows command shell (cmd.exe), which is commonly known as the Windows command prompt. So what your question has to do with Tcl? –  kostix Feb 2 '13 at 13:52

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How can use Tcl command in windows-7 ?

Windows (of all versions) has never come with a Tcl interpreter pre-installed, By far the simplest way is to get a copy of ActiveTcl installed.

Once you've got that installed, either run it interactively and just type your Tcl command in at the prompt, or use a text editor (like Notepad) to make a file (conventionally with extension .tcl) that contains the command or commands to execute; you'll probably be able to make the file run by just double-clicking on it.

I want to copy one file to other locaiton using a .bat file.

That's not really got much to do with Tcl. With Tcl, you would use:

file copy {C:\Where\To\Copy\From.txt} {C:\Where\To\Copy.to}

Note, we've put the filenames in {curly braces} here so that we can use backslashes; if we weren't doing that, we'd need to use double-backslashes instead (\\) or forward slashes (/).

The alternative, if you're really wanting to use a .bat file, is to look up what the cmd.exe commands COPY and (less likely) XCOPY do. But that's not a Tcl question.

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