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Animated Dashed Lines

Using YUI, I would like to draw lines that are dashed. The curve ball is that I would like to animate the dashstyle to change from one size of dash to another and back again every 2 seconds or so, say from:

dashstyle: [10,10]


dashstyle: [10,20]

The purpose is to simulate fluid flowing in pipe-work, so the lines will bend around the pipe work simulating where fluid is flowing.

Can this be animated easily in YUI? I've tried myself, but couldn't get the dashstyle to animate.

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If you just want to switch between the two, you can use Y.later() to create a timer which toggles a CSS class.

Animation is more useful for smooth changes. You can create custom plug ins for the animation module. For example:

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Can you change an SVN graphics line type with CSS? I'm using the YUI Grapics modules. – Dave Feb 2 '13 at 20:08
I don't think the Graphics module exposes it directly. It sounds like you're using the stroke attribute, and that is certainly CSS-like, but the Animation module only works directly on CSS attributes. One would have to tweak the Animation code to work on CSS-like attributes. – John Lindal Feb 3 '13 at 22:32

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