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From what I gathered from google, dots are treated like dashes (spaces) by the search engine. How should one write an URL if users are searching for Mr. John Smith?


Is the upper one considered double spaces then? And the lower one has no dot? Why I'm asking is because I got few different results at google keyword tool using Mr. vs Mr.


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Could you share where you gathered the info on how SEs use dots?

I'd personally avoid it because it's a special character and special characters often trip up systems.

A dot specific example is that most operating systems consider the dot as a separator between the file name and its extension. The extensions is used to identify the type of file. I'm sure you've seen this with image files like myimage.jpg. The operating system identifies the extension (text after a dot) and knows its a JPEG file.

So, including dots in your own URLs has a chance of confusing some systems.

My personal rule is to avoid using anything that has a chance of causing problems. That is, only use a-z, 0-9 and dashes.

Back to the question. Do you think a double space will cause any issues with SEs? I don't think so. In this case the key thing is they realise dr refers to a doctor. They have the same chance of working that out with or without the dot.

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Hey, I got the idea of dot being treated as a space from google search that linked me to few forum discussions. Only a few results tho, and didn't find any legimate site/blog entry on the topic. I opted in to remove the dot as I got a smiliar response to yours at another forum. Of pure interest, if I get the chance I'll post the question of how google handles 'Dr.'(doctor) and 'Mr.' on google's youtube webmaster-video-questions-and-answer section (/user/GoogleWebmasterHelp/) Thanks for the reply. –  Spectre Feb 3 '13 at 12:47

I am suggesting to you not to use dots in your URL. It's a bad practise. Instead, please use the dashes.

Use:example.com/Mr-John-Smith. There aren't big difference between Mr. John Smith, or Mr John Smith. They should give almost the same results.

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