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I have a Solution with 2 projects, ServiceProj and UIProj (winforms). ServiceProj contains a WebService, a bunch of classes, and a DataSet. When I add the WebReference of ServiceProj to the UIProj, I can see the web methods, but cannot see the classes of ServiceProj.

My classes are all public, non-static, and they are in ServiceProj.Classes.Entities namespace. I can access them inside web service and therefore use them in web methods and I can call the web methods in my UIProj, but I cannot directly access the classes from UIProj.

Do you know where I may be going wrong?

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If you want to see the classes in from another project you have to add a project reference as well (right click references, add reference) to that project.

By adding a web reference to another project you are generating:

  • proxy class containing all your web mthods
  • class definitions for all your method parameters [if required]
  • class definitions for all your method return types [if required]

So with only your web reference you'll be able to see all web methods and custom types that are returned by or passed to the web methods.

[answer is based on VS2010 and not VS2012]

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Thanks Quintion, 2012 is also the same. Problem solved. Good luck. – Mahdi Tahsildari Feb 2 '13 at 11:17

Use the XmlInclude attribute on an exposed class

Expose additional classes in ASP.NET 2.0 webservice

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