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I've created a tmpl gsp tag containing a bit of markup that's used throughout the forms in my webapp (/shared/formRow.gsp). I'd like to reference this tmpl gsp tag in a groovy taglib I've created. Is this possible?

Here's the def from my taglib...

def checkboxRow = { attrs ->
    def name = attrs.name
    def value = attrs.value
    def label = attrs.label
    def defaultLabel = attrs.defaultLabel

    out << "<tmpl:/shared/formRow name='${name}' label='${label}' defaultLabel='${defaultLabel}'>"
    out << "    ${checkBox(id: name, name: name, value: value)}"
    out << "</tmpl:/shared/formRow>"

I realise the syntax is a bit different in taglibs (e.g. you need to do ${checkBox(...)} rather than ), but is it possible to reference your own tmpl gsp tag in a similar way? If so, what syntax would I use?

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Well, it turns out that it's in the Grails documentation, here.

You should just call the render template method like this:

def formatBook = { attrs, body ->
    out << render(template: "bookTemplate", model: [book: attrs.book])

Simple really!

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