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What is the most resource-efficient way to do SRV record lookups on Android, e.g. in an XMPP client like yaxim?

I am aware of:

  • JNDI, which is part of JavaSE but not in Android
  • dnsjava, which adds 800 KByte of class files (580KByte after ProGuard, so it will probably be hard to separate the files only needed for SRV lookup)
  • native tools like dig, nslookup, etc., which, when compiled statically, have a footprint similar to dnsjava and in addition make your app native-code dependant

I have read Querying the DNS service records to find the hostname and TCP/IP, but it only lists JNDI and dnsjava.

For sure I am not the first one to encounter this problem and there must be some lightweight DNS SRV resolver in Java :-)

Edit: bonus points for providing DNSSEC verification / DANE certificate querying.

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@geOrg Did you ever find an answer to your question? I'd like to do something similar. So far I've found that using code from a C library like res_query does not work on Android either. –  GrandAdmiral Aug 12 at 14:11
@GrandAdmiral Sorry, no news from me yet. However, I'm incrementing my requirements by "DNSSEC/DANE" now ;-) –  ge0rg Aug 13 at 9:11

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