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I'm trying to include a project within another project as EE Dependency in Eclipse.

For some reason, the project I want to include is not displayed in the list of possible projects. How does Eclipse decide which projects to use there?


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WTP 1.5 (Eclipse 3.2+) introduced support for J2EE module dependencies for plain Java projects, external JARs, JARs in the workspace etc. This is controlled at the level of the Enterprise Application, rather than at the level of an EJB project or a Web Project.

Therefore, if you have a plain Java Project that you cannot add as a dependency to an EJB project, you can have this resolved by creating an Enterprise Application Project containing the EJB, and then adding the Java Project as a Java EE module dependency to the Enterprise Application. Once this is done, the Java Project is available as a Java EE module dependency for the EJB project.

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