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I'm compiling a video with ffmpeg, multiple images and a wav file. It gets compiled properly, but images seem to end before the wav finishes. Basically the last few frames are blank. Is there a calculation I can apply to set frame rate etc, so that this does not happen? Wav duration: 60 seconds Number of images: 175 command used:

ffmpeg -r 5 -i img%d.jpg -i audio.wav -r 30

what rates should I use here?

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If I understand this correctly, you need 175 images to fill 60s, so you should probably be using:

ffmpeg -r 5 -i img%d.jpg -i audio.wav -r 175/60
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Hi, then what is the significance of the -r before input files? If I reduce that while keeping the second -r same, the video slows down. – jeet Feb 2 '13 at 22:08
-4 before input files specifies how much time ffmpeg should interpret each .jpg file to represent (here, each is 1/5 th of a second)... – rogerdpack Mar 20 '13 at 19:46

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