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How is it possible to use old image if no image is selected?

its a profile page when someone updates his profile but don't select the image for update then old image should be remained there..

should it be like this if-else statement or there would be some other way??

    //check if file is selected.
    if (empty($_FILES['profilepic']))
                 //if file selected this code should run

         $fileselected="file selected";
                //this executes if file not selected
        $fileselected="No File Has Been Selected";

echo $fileselected;

How it should be coded??

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if($_FILES["profilepic"]["error"]){//if the file is not selected} else {//if the file is selected}. Use different SQL statements based on this condition (depending upon your requirements). –  Lion Feb 2 '13 at 13:16
what is your update query? –  user1646111 Feb 2 '13 at 13:19
@Lion Thankyou.. –  Sizzling Code Feb 2 '13 at 13:27

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Thanks to @Lion

{//if the file is not selected} 
else {//if the file is selected}

Pretty much works for me.. :)

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You're welcome. Mark your answer as an accepted answer (when the system permits). –  Lion Feb 2 '13 at 13:28

//upload from root folder//
$upload=$_SESSION['KCFINDER']['uploadURL'] = '/images'.$image;
upload script
normal upload script

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