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I'm working on Stratos Live. I have implemented a SOAP data service. I would like to expose it as a JSON REST service defining a proxy on the ESB. How can I define it ? A pass-through proxy ? a transformer-proxy ? (I have already tried to define a pass-through proxy, but with it I expose soap too; I did not find how to configure json protocol)

I found this example :

But it refers to an on premise use : how can I use it on Stratos Live console ? Is there an example for Stratos Live too ?

Thanks in advance.

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You can expose your data as RESTful resources directly from the WSO2 Data Services Server. Following documentation will help you on it.

You don't need an ESB proxy service in this situation because your requirement can be achieved directly from the Data Services Server. A proxy service might become handy if you had any transformation or service chaining kind of scenarios to be done.

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I read the example in the link and implemented a restful service on the data server. But I cannot see a JSON transformation. The response is still in XML format. How and where (ESB proxy ? data server ?) can I transform it in JSON format ? –  Maxj Feb 5 '13 at 17:37
Of course it would be better to have the JSON response generated at the data service layer (I would like to let the ESB just proxying). Is it possible ? If not possible to generate the JSON response at the data service layer, I think I should do it at the ESB layer, with the proxy. But in this case we are back at my original question ..... –  Maxj Feb 5 '13 at 18:00

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