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I'm trying to use backbone with coffeescript instead javascript:

TodoItem = Backbone.Model.extend(
  toggleStatus: ->
    if @.get 'status' is "incomplete"
      @.set 'status': 'complete' 
      @.set 'status': 'incomplete'

todoItem = new TodoItem(
  description: 'I play the guitar'
  status: 'incomplete'
  id: 1

TodoView = Backbone.View.extend(
  tagName: 'div'
  id: "box"
  className: 'red-box'

    "click h3": "alertStatus"
    'change input': 'toggleStatus'

    _.template "<h3> <input type=checkbox #{ print "checked" if status is "complete"} /> <%= description %></h3>"

  initialize: ->
    @.model.on 'change', @.render, @
    @.model.on 'destroy', @.remove, @

  toggleStatus: ->

  alertStatus: ->
    alert('Hey you clicked the h3!')

  remove: ->

  render: ->
    @.$el.html @.template(@.model.toJSON())

todoView = new TodoView({model: todoItem})
console.log todoView.el

If I try in console:

todoItem.set({description: 'asdfadfasdfa'});

I get:

ReferenceError: todoItem is not defined

Also, I can't see inside of my body the div:

<div id="box" class="red-box">
  <input type="checkbox" undefined>
  "I play the guitar"

But I can see this div in my console fine.

Where is it the error?

Thank you!

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Afaik underscore makes all variables local, so you won't be able to access them from the console without declaring them explicitly global. –  Bergi Feb 2 '13 at 14:59
What exactly do you mean by "I can't see inside of my body the div"? –  Bergi Feb 2 '13 at 15:00
Thank you, I mean that the <div id="box" class="red-box">... is not rendered inside of my html page. Can you paste a example for fix this problem? Thank you! –  hyperrjas Feb 2 '13 at 15:05
What code is supposed to append the $el to the DOM, or use dom elements for the View initially? –  Bergi Feb 2 '13 at 15:15
It use dom elements for the View initially! Thank you! –  hyperrjas Feb 2 '13 at 15:18

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One of the nice things about CoffeeScript is that you can use @foo instead of @.foo. A little less to write and a little nicer to read.

You don't have to use Backbone's .extend(), because CoffeeScript has classes that work in a completely compatible manner:

class TodoView extends Backbone.View
  tagName: 'div'
  id: 'box' # don't do this if you have more than one TodoView on the page at once
  className: 'red-box'

todoItem isn't defined because CoffeeScript will wrap all of your code in an "immediately executed function expression", which prevents leaking variables to the global scope (this is a good thing). From the docs:

Although suppressed within this documentation for clarity, all CoffeeScript output is wrapped in an anonymous function: (function(){ ... })(); This safety wrapper, combined with the automatic generation of the var keyword, make it exceedingly difficult to pollute the global namespace by accident.

If you want to inspect local variables, set a breakpoint in Chrome's debugger or Firebug.

I'm worried about this code:

_.template "... #{ print "checked" if status is "complete"} ..."

What is print? Where have you defined that? For that matter, where is status? Do you mean @status?

Finally, the reason you're not seeing the div is that you never added it to the DOM. .render() renders the element...but it doesn't automatically insert it on the page for you. You have to do that yourself:

$('body').append(todoView.el) # (or wherever you want it to go)
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