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I want to make basic Audio Player app by programatically. If every Audio file contain image then I want that in UIImageView automatically set image from audio file. If any file doesn't contain any image file then it should be set default image.

Like i shown below:

enter image description here

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This is relevant stackoverflow.com/questions/7814248/… – overboming Feb 2 '13 at 15:30
Thank You very much.!!.. – Mehul Solanki Feb 4 '13 at 5:26

check how you are taking those images. -case its Networking, use SDWebImage, take a look here: https://github.com/rs/SDWebImage

-case those images are saved in a core data (example) make a search in your data, if exists, pick that data and convert it to an image

UIImage * image = [UIImage imagewithData:dataImage];

remember you need to have a database image online or offline. Then just make a search, case exists, put the image, case not, default image.

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Thank you very much Juan Munhoes Junior – Mehul Solanki Feb 4 '13 at 5:29

The code that you need can be found in Apple's Example as referenced in the question that overbombing referenced. They make it easy for you:

MPMediaItem *currentItem = [musicPlayer nowPlayingItem];

// Assume that there is no artwork for the media item.
UIImage *artworkImage = noArtworkImage;

// Get the artwork from the current media item, if it has artwork.
MPMediaItemArtwork *artwork = [currentItem valueForProperty: MPMediaItemPropertyArtwork];

// Obtain a UIImage object from the MPMediaItemArtwork object
if (artwork) {
    artworkImage = [artwork imageWithSize: CGSizeMake (30, 30)];

I would advise reading through Apple's Example anyway it seems you are doing pretty much exactly what they did.

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Thank you very much WolfLink – Mehul Solanki Feb 4 '13 at 5:27

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