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I am working with rails, So I have got a problem here

link_to 'Movie Title', {:action=> 'sort', :checks=>"#{@temp.join('_')}"}, :id => 'title_header'

This is my code snippet and on hovering or clicking on this link what I get is, /movies/sort?checks=G_PG_NC-17

But I need it to be like movies/sort/G_PG_NC-17 , See the difference there is no "checks?" in second url, Anyway I can make that happen with the help of javascript and some changes in routs.rb , but I think there is something else , I can easily get it done. Your inputs are highly appreciated.

Cheers. Jossie.

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I don't think there's an easier way than to edit the routes.rb file and add something like:

match 'movies/sort/:checks

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add this in routes

get '/movies/sort/:checks' => 'movies#sort', as: :movies_sort_checks


link_to 'Movie Title', movies_sort_checks_path(@temp.join('_'))

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:( Still doesn't work.There should be something else.. – jossie Feb 2 '13 at 14:37

Finally It is done by myself, Anyway I am quite new to rails, I think other wise I would not have come up with this question.

So this part link_to 'Movie Title', {:action=> 'sort', :checks=>"#{@temp.join('_')}"}, :id => 'title_header' changes to link_to 'Movie Title',returm_link(@temp), :id => 'title_header'

See now return_link is a helper method. go to controller and add def return_link(kick) '/'+shot+'/'+kick.join('_') end helper_method :stringo

Finally as you expect change routes.rb match '/sort/:checks', :to => 'movies#sort'

Done everything works as expected, so a custom helper is really helpful here

Cheers . Jossie.

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