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I've added a GridControl in my View(xaml). The DataContxt of this view is my ModelView class. I've binded the DataSouce of the grid to a property of my ModelView class. The data are loading and displaying successfully. Now what I want is whenever the GridControl is loaded/reloaded, the instance of this grid should be passed to my ViewModel class. I'm following MVVM.

The purpose of getting the instance is that I want to change the DataSource or use it for PrintPreview in some events/actions.

Please note that I can get the instance in the code behind class of my View(where actually I've added the grid control) with the Load event. But I want the instance to my separate ViewModel class.

Thanks, Maftahur

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I am afraid that your approach contradicts MVVM pattern. ViewModel should not have any reference to the View. You can change the DataSource by changing a corresponding ViewModel property without having a reference to the GridCotnrol. If the ViewModel implements property changed notifications, this is enough. –  Uranus Feb 3 '13 at 11:26
Yes your are right about the MVVM pattern. But I've read few articles of some experts and they are divided in their opinions. Actually my situation is totally different and I had to do it. My Datasource is of dynamic type(not like List etc) and I had to do few operation on it. I got the solution of getting GrdiControl reference by creating a new attachable/dependency object of type GridControl to my ViewModel and then binding the GridControl to my created custom object. –  Maftahur Rahman Feb 13 '13 at 7:48

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