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I constructed a webservice that uses the remotipart gem to uplad files to the server. The form used to transmit the data is a ajax form (remote => true). Everything works just fine, the file gets saved etc.

The problem however is, that the jquery library triggers the ajax:error event as a response to the totally fine answer of the server (a 200 OK or 201) when the object is updated. The controller answers with a format.json

  format.json { render json: @author, status: :created, location: @author }

The javascript, responsible for evaluating the response follows the documentation

 .bind("ajax:error", function (xhr, status, error ...

The answer in the browser is a 200, even the statuscode in the jQuery object is 200. the type however is an ajax:error. Does anyone know how this can happen ?

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I figured it out. It is resolved when adding the (required) i-frame transport library. That one's on me.

//= require jquery.iframe-transport
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this didn't fix the issue for me :/ –  sevenseacat Jun 19 '13 at 6:44

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