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I see from Microsoft's documentation that I can access the particular border edges of a cell using the 'xlBordersIndex' property and for example set the border style for the left edge of a cell:

range.Borders[Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeLeft].LineStyle =     Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;

But what if I just want to draw all borders? I have tried


but that just draws a box around the range itself, which I understand. So then I tried


thinking that it would go through each of the cells within the range and place all borders around each cell. This is not what occurred. So in order to get all borders around all cells in a range, must I manually access each of the four border indices?

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private void AllBorders(Excel.Borders _borders)
        _borders[Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeLeft].LineStyle = Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;
        _borders[Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeRight].LineStyle = Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;
        _borders[Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeTop].LineStyle = Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;
        _borders[Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeBottom].LineStyle = Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;
        _borders.Color = Color.Black;
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I'm not yet familiar wit C#, but in VBA there are Range.Borders(xlInsideVertical) and Range.Borders(xlInsideHorizontal) properties. Try to use macro-recorder and apply all borders for any workbook region. Perhaps that will help.

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That's a good idea, using a macro to see how the native program handles it. I ended up writing a function to draw all borders: – spickles Feb 7 '13 at 20:44
Glad that was helpful buddy) – Peter L. Feb 7 '13 at 20:48
oRange = SHEET2.get_Range("a1", "a10");
oRange.Borders.get_Item(Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeLeft).LineStyle = Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;
oRange.Borders.get_Item(Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeRight).LineStyle = Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;
oRange.Borders.get_Item(Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlInsideHorizontal).LineStyle = Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;
oRange.Borders.get_Item(Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlInsideVertical).LineStyle = Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous;
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For Each range In ranges
    For Each row As Range In .Range(range).Rows
        row.Cells.Borders.Item(XlBordersIndex.xlInsideHorizontal).LineStyle = XlLineStyle.xlContinuous
        row.Cells.Borders.Item(XlBordersIndex.xlInsideVertical).LineStyle = XlLineStyle.xlContinuous
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