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I see in AccuRev's Diff/Merge Preferences tab that the diff and merge tools can be switched to a pre-defined list of third-party tools.

These are the choices I have:


  • AccuRev
  • TkDiff
  • Araxis
  • BeyondCompare V1
  • BeyondCompare V2
  • Guiffy


  • AccuRev
  • TkDiff
  • Araxis
  • Guiffy

Is it possible to add WinMerge to these lists? If so, how?

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you can not only chose from the list but also insert any cmdline you need to run, so you can hook in any diff/merge tool that supports being called with parameters. e.g. I use this for diffing:

NxNMerge.exe %1% %2% /title1:"%3%" /title2:"%4%"

For a description of the parameters open the Tools->Preferences->Diff/Merge in AccuRev and click on the help button.

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Excellent! Thanks. My Diff command line: WinMergeU.exe /wl /dl "%3%" /dr "%4%" %1% %2% My Merge command line: WinMergeU.exe /wl /dl "%4%" /dr "%5%" %1% %2% %o% – Christopher Parker Feb 28 '13 at 16:49

vessel's answer is very accurate. One thing to keep in mind though is that WinMerge is not a 3-way merge tool, and so it will not work well using AccuRev's closest common ancestor 3-way algorithm. Diff should be fine, but I would not recommend it for Merge...

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As @vessel said, you can insert any commandline just into the edit field. The command line for WinMerge is the following:

WinMergeU.exe /dl "%3%" /dr "%4%" %1% %2%
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