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Using the susy compass addon, when use the span-columns mixin to be set to $total-columns how can I disable the margin-right value being set by $gutter-width?

At the moment my code is:

@include span-columns(12);

results in

width: 100%
margin-right: 2.12766%;

ideally i would like margin-right not to exist?

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There is no reason to use span-columns() at all in this case. Block elements span 100% width by default, and there is no reason for any of the other properties (float & margin) that are part of the mixin.

That said, simply add omega and the right margin will go away. Still, it's a bulky way to achieve any of the goals you might be after. If you need it to clear other elements, you should use the simple clear: both;. If you need it to wrap internal floats, use a clearfix (Compass has several).

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hey, thanks for this. I'm getting used to susy and I guess right now I feel I should be using everything susy can offer when I should be using the simpler approach. –  styler Feb 3 '13 at 12:44

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