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I'm having trouble creating a new user, or editing an existing user via rails admin. The user model uses devise, and the password fields are visible but read-only. I overrode this in the initializer, which makes the fields editable, but the validation indicates that 'password' cannot be blank. seems like it should be attr_accessible but I have that set. Seems to be some trick w/ Devise and rails admin, but not sure what. Rails 3.2.11

Here is my User Model setup:

devise :database_authenticatable, :trackable, :validatable, :lockable
attr_accessible :email, :password, password_confirmation

in my rails_admin.rb (initializer)

config.model User do

edit do
    field :email
    field :password
    field :password_confirmation

I've also tried edit do field :password do read_only false end do which makes the fields editable, but cannot save because it thinks password is blank.

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Thanks for asking that question and thereby showing me that awesome rails admin gem! +1 from me –  Charles Feb 2 '13 at 19:06

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