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I am using a drop shadow filter inside an SVG file that is embedded using an img tag. On my MacBook, it looks fine in Safari. However, in mobile Safari, the graphic gets really pixelated and loses all it's sharpness. When the filter is not applied, the SVG renders fine. Is there any way to fix that besides to pass on the filter?

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You should try explicitly setting the "filterRes" attribute of the filter to a value that matches retina displays.

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Yes, I saw that in another question with a similar problem, you suggested a value of 400. I just tried that, and I also tried much higher values, but it didn't change anything, I'm afraid. Also, the whole graphic gets pixelated, not only the shadow. –  Sven Feb 3 '13 at 12:54
The "400" answer was a hack to reduce banding artifacts in firefox for windows - it was producing pixelation on purpose. You should be trying 1136 x 640 to see results on iPhone 5. That said - I've heard anecdotally that the SVG support in mobile safari hasn't been fully updated for retina, so the pixelation is a true bug, not just a mistake. –  Michael Mullany Feb 4 '13 at 22:27

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