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I have c++ code which uses GDAL libraries to do some operations in an image (like slope, aspect, hill shade etc). Now, I want to make a GUI in which I want to fetch an image from the directory. After that I want to apply operation on the image (assume as slope - c++ code) and then I should get the output.

Many people have suggested me to use Qt. I have built and installed Qt in my visual studio 2010 successfully.

Please help me how to proceed with the GUI. I have intermediate skills in C++ programing and new for GUI applications.

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Is programming QT inside the scope of GIS-SE? [not a programmer] so is an open question to the GIS-SE community – Mapperz Feb 1 '13 at 21:46

This is hard to put in an answer. But, there are a lot of tutorials out there:

here and here.

Even on You Tube you will find a lot of videos.

The main idea is that you use this software to create in a WYSIWYG mode the GUI. Then you must play with the created file and classes.

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Thank you Mihai. I will see the tutorial links provided by you . what is WYSIWYG mode ? – Hardik Feb 2 '13 at 10:16

I have solve the Issue. Thanks everyone who helped me. This is how i have done. After successfully installing Qt with visual studio , create a new the Qt project and there you will find three files (.ui, .h, and .cpp ). click on ui file , new window will be create where you can see the buttons and boxes . make use of that as per the requirement and read a tutorial of QT for setting and using object names. click on .h file , where you will create a call the functions by clicking the button class. click on .cpp file , write your code in the class called in .h file. compile and enjoy the solution :)

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