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This is actually very basic and I've done it before (a long tme ago) but I can't find it now; I have a vector of data points that I want to plot with a line plot; however I want the lines to be horizontal and jump between each point so that it basically looks like a histogram. I thought I could just use plot() with a certain linespec, but I can't find one that fits. Ideas?

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I believe the function you are looking for is stairs:

x = linspace(-2*pi,2*pi,40);
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Yes, it is. Thanks! – jorgen Feb 2 '13 at 20:08

Let x and y be two vectors of the same size to be plotted using plot(x,y). How about

yy = reshape( [y(:) y(:)]', 1, [] );
yy(end) = []; % discard last element
xx = reshape( [x(:) x(:)]', 1, [] );
xx(1) = []; % discard first element
plot( xx, yy );
title('does this do the trick for you?'); 
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