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In alloy consider

sig Queue{ link : Queue, elem: Int }

consider that I have some predicate predicate-1, How would I define scope when I run predicate-1 for Queue <=1 , int ={-3,-2,0,2}. I have not listed the predicate here

run predicate-1 for 1 Queue, int scope here

don't know what would be the syntax for int scope

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The syntax is

run predicate1 for 1 Queue, 3 Int

The scope for integers is always a bitwidth, so you can't specify that the Int set contains exactly {-3. -2. 0. 2}; you can only specify a bitwidth, and all integers within that bitwidth will be used. In my example above, the Int set will contain all integers from -4 to 3.

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For further refinement, just add conditions to predicate1 (or write an aditional predicate, and execute run {predicate1 and intLimit} for 1 Queue, 3 Int, using the util/integer module, to limit the integers used. – afsantos Feb 21 '13 at 16:40

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