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I am developing a chrome extension (content script) to access web page content. I use the DOM to access all elements in page. My code does not work correctly when the web page contains "frameset". In this matter I can count the frame number but I can't access to the frame content. I use this code to count frame objects available on current page :

for frameset :


and for iframe :


but the following code does not work :


and returns "undefined".

My question: How can I access to frame set elements inside a chrome extension (for both iframe and frameset)?

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Can anyone help me?! –  mobile Feb 4 '13 at 15:38

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I'm running into the same problem. The frames are not iframes and they are in a frameset. What I had to do was an onload (for some reason addEventListener isn't working) to the frame but through it's contentWindow

for example: From the main document


Accessing the frame this way got me to the frames document and allowed me to attach the onload. Once fired using the same selector I was able to modify the frames content.

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