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I have a paragraph which has been indented already. for example

     Hi every body

Now I want to print this in Java. using System.out.println I have to put this function in each line. How can I do it like when you use print in python that you just put a " around it and it's already ready.

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You have got one String.format method, that returns a formatted string: -

String str = String.format("%s%n%20s", "Hello", "Hi everyone!");

%n in string formatting is used to print a newline character.

%20s will right indent the string, and will take 20 charater space.

If you want to print the formatted string, rather than storing it, you can use System.out.format: -

System.out.format("%s%n%20s", "Hello", "Hi everyone!");
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Formatting the string like this is one way:

"Hello:\n\tHi every body"
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For those wo don't know it: \n is a new line, \t is a TAB. Good answer, upvoted. –  Jop V. Feb 3 '13 at 20:25

You can use special characters like \n for new line.

System.out.println("Hello:\n     Hi everybody");
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Sure, you just use newline and tab escape sequences - \t and \n

Here's a simple example:

//Note: Text content in the code blocks is automatically word-wrapped
import java.io.*;  

class Tabs {  
  public static void main(String[] args) {  
    try {  
      String t = "\t\t";  
      PrintStream ps = new PrintStream("tabs.txt");  
      ps.print("A" + t + "B");  
    } catch(Exception e) {  


Also see - Printing with "\t" (tabs) problem

Play with it, you'll figure it out

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