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can someone explain why this jquery selector is not working, I've worked around the issue but for my sanity would like to know what I've got wrong

I have a form with multiple textareas, each gets an id like f_id_DSC000001.JPG where the last part is a photograph number, the textarea has an onblur event that uses post to send its contents and update a database table, a json response comes back. All of that works fine, I can see the results using Firebug, there are no problems there.

The DSC000001.JPG part of the id gets passed back in the json response as confirmation, then I want to change the class of the textarea to show the state of the update.

When I do this

var textarea_selector="#f_id_"+res_data.image_filename;

the class does not change, but if I do this


it works fine.

I'm not a javascript / jquery expert :-( so a basic explanation is what I would really appreciate.

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You have a dot in your ID. And that’s interpreted as a class selector:

 id             class

But this should work:

var textarea_element = document.getElementById("f_id_"+res_data.image_filename);

Or this:

var textarea_id = "f_id_"+res_data.image_filename;
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could have tried resolving it the jquery way. nevertheless +1 for spotting the mistake. –  mauris Sep 23 '09 at 15:13
well spotted, I'll revisit the code. These responses are a great help to people like me who work alone. –  Alan C Sep 24 '09 at 7:06

You have to be careful about escaping weird characters in your IDs. See the jQuery FAQ for more.

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it looks like you are calling two different ids. why are you appending "#f_id" in the first example? you should just be able to append '#' to the id of an element and select it just fine.

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id*= means it should only contain that value, so you don't have to prepend anyhting... –  NDM Sep 23 '09 at 15:13
ah. missed the * there. –  GSto Sep 23 '09 at 17:13


var textarea = $("textarea[id*='"+res_data.image_filename+"']");

You're not constructing the selector the same as the example in your post, which is why it's failing. This solution you're only doing the select once.

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