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I'm working in VS2012 and I'm creating a new editor classifier. Basically, I'm very disappointed with Microsoft's Typescript syntax highlighting, so I wanted to add to it. But I'm having hard time overriding their default colors. I can override certain keyword colors (like public or var) but I can't override others (like this or static).

The way you're supposed to be able to adjust it is through the Order attribute on the exported classes.

[Order(Before = Priority.High)]
internal sealed class ETS_Keyword : ClassificationFormatDefinition { ... }

There are two order attributes that you can include (Before and After) and three priorities (Default, Low and High). I swear I've tried every combination of the them, but I can't seem to override the default colors on some of the keywords (and probably other classes of items).

Is there something special that I need to do to override these classes? I know I'm fighting with the default Typescript extension, but there has to be a way to be at a higher priority level than that.

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Wow, my sincerest apologies. I can't believe this, but this issue didn't have anything to do with priorities. It turns out that I was editing my regular expression to match new keywords, but Visual Studio wasn't re-compiling my project before debugging in the Experimental Hive (unlike my VS2008 and VS2010 installations).

So I guess if you're having this issue, try using your IDE correctly. :/

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