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I have the following problem:

If the string is: 1 x somethingbr1 x something elsebr2 x something even different

I want that to insert into my mysql database as follows: 1 something 1 something else 2 something even different

So we need to separate each line that needs to be inserted when there is a br, also split (explode) where there is a " x " for a new column and insert the first part into the 1st column and the 2nd part in the 2nd column.


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Normalise your database unless you know for certain that there will be an absolute limit to the number of columns. –  Mark Baker Feb 2 '13 at 21:10
Otherwise, have you actually tried anything yourself... you mention explode(), have you tried using it? –  Mark Baker Feb 2 '13 at 21:11
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Try with this..


$string = '1 x something <br> 1 x something else <br> 2 x something even different';

$lines = explode('<br>', $string);

foreach($lines AS $line){

    list($quantity, $item) = explode('x', $line);

    $sql = sprintf('INSERT INTO TABLE (field_for_quantity, field_for_item) VALUES (%u, "%s")', $quantity, $item);


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