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Can someone please tell me, i am using a cover to create a (white) blackout effect on page load, below is the css I'm using. Is there a way i can stop the mouse scroll being able to move the page in the background up and down?

#cover {
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overflow: none; –  Rachel Gallen Feb 2 '13 at 21:03

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Solution would probably be to add "overflow: hidden;" to you body, while page is loading, and remove it on page load.

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The problem is that you are using Height:2648px which of course is higher than most screens and therefor creating the scroll.

You can fix this by using


#cover {height:100%;}

Overflow Method

#cover {overflow:none;}

Additional I'm not sure why the height is 2648px in the first place but if your having aspect ratio issues with overflow or height:100% use media queries to fix on devices that are having problems.

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ok fixed height and tried overflow:none but still allows user to scroll down the page when the css cover is in place. :/ is there any other way i can get the background to lock or set the css cover to lock on a ratio of the screen of some kind. –  Robert Taylor Feb 2 '13 at 21:09

You can stop the mouse-wheel from scrolling the page like this:

// first capture the onmousewheel event
document.onmousewheel = stopMousewheelScrolling;

 * Then stop the event from bubbling and thereby 
 * stop the scrolling
function stopMousewheelScrolling(event) {

   if( event.stopPropagation ) 

   if( event.cancelBubble ) 

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