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For example output stack as non-executable, some heap is executable/non-executable..

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!address or !vprot (UM) extentions display virtual memory protection information.

0:000> !address 0038f750
Usage:                  Stack
Allocation Base:        00290000
Base Address:           0038d000
End Address:            00390000
Region Size:            00003000
Type:                   00020000    MEM_PRIVATE
State:                  00001000    MEM_COMMIT
Protect:                00000004    PAGE_READWRITE
More info:              ~0k

0:000> !vprot 0038f750
BaseAddress:       0038f000
AllocationBase:    00290000
AllocationProtect: 00000004  PAGE_READWRITE
RegionSize:        00001000
State:             00001000  MEM_COMMIT
Protect:           00000004  PAGE_READWRITE
Type:              00020000  MEM_PRIVATE
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+1. for execution permission you need to look at Protect field, which displays memory protection –  Seva Titov Feb 3 '13 at 17:18

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