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currently i am using Macbook Pro and Macosx 10.8.2 3 days ago , i bought a DJ controller soon after i realized that that controller hasnt got any buildin sound card. i connect that device to macbook through usb port. Everything is fine , i can do my mix using macbook builtin sound card and 5+1 sound system.But the problem is , Most djs do cue which means another sound output needed for their headphones in order to do a smooth transition between sounds. so i bought a cheap usb sound card.and i plugged my headphone to that.

Mixing software is so dumb that it doesnt have any ability to manage two sound card at the same time.

So i figured out that if i write a virtual sound card driver that has two virtual stereo outputs , I could merge builtin macos sound card and usb sound card into the that virtual driver.

What i 've done so far :

started to read I/O Kit framework.

what i am planning to do:

actually i dont really understand which I/O Kit family to inherit i may try first to implement PCI family or USB family inheritance to the driver Another thing is , What i understood so far , in my virtual driver i must clearify device ids and devices' bus adresses in order to forward builtin card to virtual output1 and usb sound card to virtual output 2

any help would be appreciated just show me the lights , i can drive by myself.

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See the answer below. Implementing aggregate device support as Apple has already done is much, much harder than it looks because the audio interface is the system audio word-clock master. When there are two interfaces, one needs to slave to the other - or if that's not possible, sample-rate conversion is required. This is the reason this feature is not widely seen in DAW packages or on Windows and Linux. – marko Feb 2 '13 at 23:31
thanks for the info you provided. – Eren Yagdiran Feb 3 '13 at 14:04

You don't need to write a driver or do any programming at all. Just create an aggregate device using the audio midi setup utility.

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thanks i will try that. – Eren Yagdiran Feb 3 '13 at 13:58

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