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I have a rails app which stores files, in which a user can subscribe to three plans:

  • plan 1: free trial up to 50 files for 30 days
  • plan 2: up to 250 files
  • plan 3: up to 500 files

How would I go about automatically upgrading/downgrading the user plans when:

  • The 30 day trial ends or user uploads more than 50 files
  • File limit is exceeded and goes into another bracket
  • Or a file is deleted and the user goes down a level

How do I set the Rails app to "Watch" a user account for these changes?

Is there a better way than sticking logic in the Files controller create and delete actions? And what about the 30 day trial logic? Thank you!

Note: I can handle the actual switching of the subscriptions just fine, just looking for logic to monitor and trigger the switches.

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Setup association callbacks on the user's Plan. Assuming you have a has_many relationship to Plan, in User.rb you could have something like

has_many :plans, :through => :user_plans,
  :after_add => :check_plan_eligibility,
  :after_remove => :check_plan_eligibility

and then

def check_plan_eligibility(obj)
  # Do checks here based on your rules, and update the user's plan ID accordingly
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Jnunn, the relationship is a has_one.. how would your answer change? I really appreciate it – mholubowski Feb 2 '13 at 23:05

Observers (


ActiveRecord::Callbacks (

30 day trial could be checked upon user login. The rest could be done using callbacks when the user updates.

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