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I want to be able to run an application every time I save a files in a project in eclipse.

In my case I want to be able to run mysqldump to make database dump files (including schema) in the project directory so that it could be tracked by GIT

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There's an old thread that covers it this: Eclipse: On Save execute a program

TL;DR: Make a builder to do it. Its less a matter of doing something on "save" as it is when the program is automatically built, which in most cases should be the same thing.

It also covers making a simple plugin to do it but this is probably overkill

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The easiest way to do something like this:

  1. Create an ant script that contains an task for the command you want to run. Place it in your project
  2. Right-click the project
  3. Select Builders on the left
  4. Click New
  5. Select Ant Builder and press Ok
  6. For Buildfile, use Browse Workspace... to find the script.
  7. For Base Directory use Browse Workspace... to select the project directory
  8. If the script modifies any resources in the project, switch to the Refresh Tab and select the affected resources/directories
  9. Switch to the Targets tab - select the targets to run for each build phase
  10. Switch to Build Options - choose the resources that should trigger the script
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