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I am using the following QueryTable Inquiry. After the .Refresh executes the VBA procedure ends. The inquiry works but I need to execute code after it completes.

The .AfterRefresh event seems to be what I need, but I can't get it to execute.

With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:="URL;" & sUrl, Destination:=ActiveSheet.Range("a1"))

             .RefreshStyle = xlOverwriteCells
             .SaveData = True
             .AfterRefresh (Success)
End With

This is the AfterRefresh sub that does not execute.

Sub QueryTable_AfterRefresh(Success As Boolean)

        If Success Then
                 Debug.Print "Success"
                 Debug.Print "Failed"
        End If
End Sub

What is needed to trigger the subroutine after the query is done? I tried a call to the subroutine after the .Refresh and after the End With but neither worked.


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Please make sure your QueryTable_AfterRefresh sub is placed NOT in the module, but under Sheet / Workbook, the same way as here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/14646261/1953175 Moreover, you do not need to call event, remove .AfterRefresh (Success) from your code.

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When I did this, the inquiry didn't return anything. –  user1989322 Feb 3 '13 at 19:56
Perhaps this may help: support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=http://… –  Peter L. Feb 3 '13 at 20:02

I ran across this same issue recently and it was very difficult to find a good answer. I realize this thread is old, but there is a decent alternative to the other solution posted.

One pattern you can utilize is keeping the QueryTable callback events in a separate Class Module instead of embedded within a worksheet. This allows for more modular, reusable code. It becomes especially useful when your Excel Workbook has multiple QueryTables.

Here is what the class module might look like in a class module called CQtEvents

Option Explicit

Private WithEvents mQryTble As Excel.QueryTable
' Add variables you may want to cache here such at the query or connection settings

' Properties
Public Property Set QryTble(ByVal QryTable As QueryTable): Set mQryTble = QryTable:
End Property
Public Property Get QryTble() As QueryTable: Set QryTble = mQryTble:
End Property
' Add other potential properties here

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    ' Constructor
    MsgBox "CQtEvents init"
End Sub

Private Sub mQryTble_BeforeRefresh(ByVal Cancel as Boolean)
    'Insert logic you want to run before a refresh
End Sub   

Private Sub mQryTble_AfterRefresh(ByVal Success As Boolean)
    'Insert logic you want to run after a refresh

End Sub

The key thing to note above is the WithEvents keyword and the declarations/definitions for BeforeRefresh and AfterRefresh.

Below is what the code might look like to leverage the Class Module defined above

Option Explicit

Sub RefreshDataQuery()
'Dependencies: Microsoft Scripting Runtime (Tools->References) for Dictionary (HashTable) object

Dim querySheet As Worksheet
Dim classQtEvents As CQtEvents

Set querySheet = Worksheets("QTable")
Set interface = Worksheets("Interface")
Set classQtEvents = New CQtEvents ' Instantiate the Class

Dim qt As QueryTable
Dim qtDict As New Scripting.Dictionary

Set qtDict = UtilFunctions.CollectAllQueryTablesToDict
Set qt = qtDict.Item("Query from fred2")

''' Building SQL Query String '''
qt.CommandText = "Select * From someTable" 

If Not qt Is Nothing Then
    qt.Refresh False ' See link at bottom of post for alternatives to this
    ' ... Error handling code here... 
End If

''' CLEAN UP '''

' Free the dictionary
Set qtDict = Nothing

End Sub

The one caveat with this approach is that the AfterRefresh will not be called if this is run asynchronously and left as is. The reason for this is the reference to the query table will disappear when the module finishes executing, which is likely to finish before the query finishes executing. To get around this, you can run it synchronously by setting

 qt.Refresh False

However, this is not the best approach but will work if you don't mind waiting on the query before any other code in the Sub Module runs. See this post for a really good answer on alternatives to this Excel VBA - QueryTable AfterRefresh function not being called after Refresh completes by KazJaw.

Hope this helps as this is a good alternative to writing these event handlers embedded in a worksheet

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