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I am new to spring web flow. I have an list and I want an expression to be evaluated as many time as the size of the list. Sample code is-

<evaluate expression="" result="flowScope.item"/>

Here selectedList is an list of items. I want it to be something like-

for(Item item: selectedList) {
    <evaluate expression="" result="flowScope.item"/>

Here I want iterating through the list and evaluation the expression with each iteration. Is this possible to do so in xml file?

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it doesn't really make sense. what you should do is call a service method or create a method in your controller that does this, myController. saveItemList(List itemList) which call the saveItem method on each item of the list and maybe returns a list of items too. Then you can call it from the XML

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Hi rptmat57, thank you for your reply. I guess in the question I was not very clear on what I want to do. A better description is in…. I hope you can help. – rahul0789 Feb 5 '13 at 15:37

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