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Hi guys I'm working on a website in which I have the following key elements:

  • only html and css
  • background image in the html tag.
  • absolute positioned bar attached to top and one attached to the bottom. The top bar has a drop-down menu positioned below it with z-index of which the drop-down options overlap all other content on the page. the drop-down is a child of the bar on the top.
  • some transitions on my page which animate on hovering, absolute positioned with a percentual padding-top.
  • a few animated iframes, absolute positioned from the bottom of the page

Of the few elements that have been positioned with z-index, almost all of them have been positioned with negative values, only the drop-down options have been positioned with a positive value.


    <div id="topbar">
        <nav id="rightbuttons">
            <div id="languages">
                <ul id="chooselanguage">
                        <a href="#">language</a>
                            <li><a href="#">english</a></li>
                            <li><a href="#">espa&#241;ol</a></li>
            <div id="login"><p><a href="#">login</a></p></div>
            //some images//

    <div id="leftnews">
            <iframe id="news1" src="en/notifications/news1.html" seamless frameborder="0">Please download Firefox or Google Chrome</iframe>
            <iframe id="news2" src="en/notifications/news2.html" seamless frameborder="0">Please download Firefox or Google Chrome</iframe>
            <iframe id="news3" src="en/notifications/news3.html" seamless frameborder="0">Please download Firefox or Google Chrome</iframe>
    <div id="container">
        <nav id="mainnav">
            <div id="C-Collink">
                <h1><a class="home" href="en/collaboration/corporate.html">Corporate</a></h1>
            <div id="Pro-Collink">
                <h1><a class="home" href="en/collaboration/pro.html">Pro</a></h1>
            <div id="L-Collink">
                <h1><a class="home" href="en/collaboration/language.html">Language</a></h1>
            <div id="Clublink">
                <h1><a class="home" href="en/theclub/">the Club</a></h1>
            <div id="Mmlink">
                <h1><a class="home" href="en/theclub/mm.html">M&m</a></h1>
            <div id="MmCollink">
                <h1><a class="home" href="en/collaboration/">M&m Collaboration</a></h1>

    <div id="bottombar">
        <nav id="footernav">
            <div id="bottomleft"><p></p>
            <div id="bottomright"><p></p>
            <div id="bottommiddle"><p></p>


The problem: When I hover over one of the transitions, a white space appears around all the transitioned divs (e.g. ids C-Collink, Pro-Collink, L-Collink). This problem occurred once I introduced the animated iframes into the website.

I'm quite sure that one solution to the problem could be positioning all elements with positive z-index values, but I cannot achieve to position the drop-down menu below the top bar that way.

Do you know if there is another way to get rid of the white spaces around the transitions? or do you have any tips on how to manage z-positioning with z-index? Say I would want to position a child element below the parent element, specifying a z-index for both elements?

I hope you can help me with this? if some JavaScript would be required I would be cool with that although I have nearly no experience with JavaScript.

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It would be helpful if you show your code in form of fiddle on jsfiddle.net also let the example be minimal and focusing only on the problem –  Bula Feb 2 '13 at 22:24
You've got to share the relevant code when asking on StackOverflow. Otherwise, it's like telling a mechanic that your car "doesn't work." There are just too many variables. –  Jules Mazur Feb 2 '13 at 22:46

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