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Hi I am currently trying to link a java application I am making to a website I have. Basically I want the accounts that are made on the site to be accessible on the java app. on my login page I have a block of code that extracts a part of the password saved in the sql database. Here it is:

    $username = $_POST['username']; //gets the username that is posted from the login page
$password = hash(sha256, md5(sha1($_POST['password']))); //encrypts the password posted from the login page

//get the requested user's password
$details = $database->processQuery("SELECT `password` FROM `users` WHERE `username` = ?", array($username), true); //gets the password from the sql database
$db_password = substr(substr($details[0]['password'], 54), 0, -3); //extracts characters from the saved password from 54 to -3 from the end

In the register page I have this:

        //generate a salt
    $salt = substr(hash(sha256, sha1(time())), 10);
    $password = $salt.hash(sha256, md5(sha1($_POST['password']))).substr($salt, 0, -51);

    $_SESSION['salt'] = $salt;
    $_SESSION['password'] = $password;

I believe this adds the salt before the password that is generated by the time. So I need to extract JUST the password and obviously in the login page it is able to do this by starting the password at 54 and ending it 3 characters before the end. I have made an cryptographer that encrypts the password the user enters in the java application (sha1 > md5 > sha254) then I tried to match the passwords. I used:

substring(54, pass.length()-3)

This worked perfectly with a randomly generated password I entered on the website "d1ck30ng1". But when I made another account with the password "test123" I get an extra character before the password that matches it here is an example:

Password that is read from the database before parts are removed:

Password that is entered in the application:

Password that is read from the database after the parts are removed:

matches perfectly

Password that is read from the database before parts are removed:

Password that is entered in the application:

Password that is read from the database after parts are removed

does not match!

So my question is... How can i get this to work and why isn't it working :) Thank you in advance! Oh and by the way, I'm new here so I'm sorry if I didn't put enough detail into this post or have done something wrong while posting.

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Well, that's rather hard to say if you don't include the java code. –  Friek Feb 2 '13 at 22:37
I did include the java code for the part where i am trying to extract the password from character 54 to -3, thats all there is to it. –  Tay Feb 2 '13 at 22:44

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