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I have a problem of architecture (I think), using CodeIgniter.

I arrange my controllers by folders, it means I have the following structure:






Every time I have to make a POST, I save the file of the controller in the folder actions, the problem is that after submit my URL is messy. user ends up inside the folder action. An example is the login form, the correct url would be www.mysite.com/login.html but if the user types something wrong, the validator sends it back to the login page, but now she is www.mysite.com/actions/login.html

In the documentation says I can keep controllers in subfolder. Have you tried changing the routes, but do not know if I wrong, but neither worked.

Has anyone experienced this? I was intrigued, I would solve this problem. So far the only solution and perform ALL my POSTS with Ajax and not reloading the page :(

My Route

$route['default_controller'] = "pages/home";
$route['sobre'] = "pages/about";
$route['como-funciona'] = "pages/how";
$route['ajuda'] = "pages/help";
$route['planos'] = "pages/plans";
$route['contato'] = "pages/contact";
$route['cadastro'] = "pages/register";
$route['login'] = "pages/login";
$route['termos'] = "pages/tos";
$route['painel'] = "dashboard/stats";
$route['404_override'] = 'errors/page_missing';



I solved the problem adding all my actions to my route file, thus making the POST pass the new URLs

It was not what I wanted but it worked and I got time to think, thank you all.
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can you post the controller function that handle the post request –  Ahmed Samy Feb 3 '13 at 1:08
added an example –  Renato Feb 4 '13 at 21:58
Make sure that in you form action is matching the left side of routing file for example if $route['login'] = "pages/login"; Match the form action is 'login; –  Ahmed Samy Feb 4 '13 at 22:32

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