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I have a

struct OpDesc {
        std::string  OPName;
        size_t       OPArgsMin;
        bool         IsVaribaleArgsNum;
        bool         IsOPChange;
        std::string  ChangeNodeOP;
        std::string  ChangeNodeLabel;
        bool         IsOPDelete;
        const char*  ErrMsg;

And want to init a std::map<string, OpDesc>.

I tried doing it this way :

typedef std::map<std::string,struct OpDesc> OpDescMap;
OpDescMap opDesc;
opDesc["StoreOp"] = {"StoreOp",2,false,false,"","",false,""};
/// etc.

I can't compile that with VS10. I get : error C2059: syntax error : '{'

How can it be solved?

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Your syntax is valid C++11 (see Uniform Initialization), however, VS10 does not support it. It was only added to VS12 (see C++ features in VS2012). One option is to upgrade your compiler to one that has better conformance to C++11.

If you can't upgrade, you'll have to fallback to C++03 syntax. You can either use an intermediate variable:

OpDesc op = {"StoreOp", 2, false, false, "", "", false, ""};
opDesc[op.OPName] = op;

Or add a constructor to your structure:

struct OpDesc {
   // ... all fields
   OpDesc(std::string const& opName, size_t opArgsMin, bool isVariableArgsNum,
          bool isOpChange, std::string const& changeNameOp,
          std::string const& changeNodeLabel, bool isOpDelete,
          char const* errMsg)
   : OPName(opName), OPArgsMin(opArgsMin), IsVariableArgsNum(isVariableArgsNum),
     IsOpChange(isOpChange), ChangeNameOp(changeNameOp),
     ChangeNodeLabel(changeNodeLabel), IsOpDelete(isOpDelete),
     ErrMsg(errMsg) {}

opDesc["StoreOp"] = OpDesc("StoreOp", 2, false, false, "", "", false, "");
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The syntax is the one the OP used: this is a limitation of VC10. –  Andy Prowl Feb 2 '13 at 23:46
@AndyProwl Thank you, I've updated my answer to list this is an incompatibility of VS10. –  Sylvain Defresne Feb 2 '13 at 23:54

Could work around by creating a cosntructor for OpDesc

OpDesc(const std::string&  oPName="StoreOp",
      size_t oPArgsMin = 0,
      bool  isVaribaleArgsNum = false,
      bool  isOPChange=false,
      const std::string&  changeNodeOP = "",
      const std::string&  changeNodeLabel = "",
      bool  isOPDelete = false,
      const char*  errMsg= "" )

OpDescMap opDesc;
opDesc["StoreOp"] = OpDesc("StoreOp", 2, false, false, "", "", false, "");
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An alternative to @billz's solution is to construct the object and insert it into the map in two separate steps:

OpDesc od = { "StoreOp",2,false,false,"","",false,"" };
opDesc["StoreOp"] = od;
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You can use another compiler: Your source code works with clang++ V 3.3 and gcc 4.7.2.

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