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Anyone a suggestion on how to convert a string to a number in TypeScript?

var aNumber : number = "1"; // --> Error

// Could this be done?
var defaultValue = 0;
var aNumber : number = "1".toInt32(defaultValue);

// Or ..
var defaultValue = 0;
var aNumber : number = StringToInt("1", defaultValue);

Update: I did some extra puzzling, the best sofar I've come up with:

var aNumber : number = (<any> "1") * 1;
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You can use the parseInt or parseFloat functions, or simply use the unary + operator:

var x = "32";
var y = +x; // y: number
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Thanx ryan, to much looking for solutions as I'm used in c# I guess...! –  Paul0515 Feb 3 '13 at 4:13
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Expounding on what Ryan said, TypeScript embraces the JavaScript idioms in general.

var n = +"1"; // the unary + converts to number
var b = !!"2"; // the !! converts truthy to true, and falsy to false
var s = ""+3; // the ""+ converts to string via toString()

All the interesting in-depth details at JavaScript Type Conversion.

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