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I am creating some common doskey commands I use on a regular basis. I am trying to have multiple variables in the doskey macro and sometimes a variable will have spaces in it. I have tried quoting the variable values but it won't work. The only thing that does work is just adding more vars to the end of the macro string.

What I would like to do is: doskey keycmd=plink -l user -pw password $1 -batch $2 And then execute it as follows: c:> keycmd hostname "dir /p /users"

What doskey sees when executed though is: $1=hostname, $2="dir, and "dir isn't a command and /p and /users is completely dropped.

To get this to work I had to define it this way: doskey keycmd=plink -l user -pw password $1 -batch $2 $3 $4 And execute as follows: c:> keycmd hostname dir /p /users

Is there a way I can group "dir /p /users" into a single $2 variable? For doskey variable parameters you only get 9, $1..$9. Eventually I could run out on complicated commands. I tried single and double quotes to no avail...but single and/or double quotes seem to work everywhere else in Windows cmd command.

Is there a solution to this or am I just trying to do too much with doskey?

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This should do it. Tell the last var to be everything else

keycmd=echo plink -l user -pw password $1 -batch $*
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