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I am new to Iphone development. My problem is I have an NSMutableArray of some custom object. Each object has 4 properties i.e a name(NSString),an Image(UIImage), a button(UIButton) and a boolean value associated with it. Buttons are randomly generated programatically and placed on a view when the view loads(inside viewDidLoad). How do I save this array of objects and regenerate it whenever the user exits and then reenters the application.The buttons must also retain their position on the view. Thanks in advance.

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You may use ARC, a kind of GC. All objects are released when they go out of reference. I can show you 2 idea to retain those objects.

1: Retain those objects on a parent ViewController or Delegate class.

You can declare all objects in advance on parent ViewControler or Delegate class.

NSMutableCustomArray *customArray = [NSMutableCustomArray array];
[customArray setParameters];
ChildView *childView = [[ChildView alloc] init];
[customArray setCustomArray:customArray];
[self.view addSubview:ChildView];

All objects in a customArray does not go out reference unless parent exists.

2: Use CoreData or NSUserDefaults.

NSUserDefaults is so useful if you want to simple data, string, bool and so on. As for UIButton, it's tiring that you have to restore position.

[defaults setObject:string forKey:@"customString"];
[defaults setFloat:10.0 forKey:@"button_x"];
[defaults setFloat:10.0 forKey:@"button_y"];
[defaults setFloat:10.0 forKey:@"button_width"];
[defaults setFloat:10.0 forKey:@"button_height"];
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Instead of manually handling the x/y/width/height individually, you could use NSStringFromCGRect() encode the frame as string, and store that string in NSUserDefaults. When loading, you'd use CGRectFromString() to create a CGRect from the string. –  Kitsune Feb 3 '13 at 4:17
@akiniwa Thank You So much..!! –  Ashwani R Feb 3 '13 at 15:32
@Kitsune That was so helpful..! :)..Thank You so much!..Its lot less tiring to use NSStringFromCGRect() to save the button frames. –  Ashwani R Feb 3 '13 at 15:34

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