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I have a site built in Jekyll for rapid prototyping of a JavaScript project I'm working on: Choropleth

Now I've decided to introduce mustache.js into the project and obviously I ran into the issue of the liquid layouts {{}} syntax conflicting with mustache's syntax.

Does anyone know of a way that I can simply use the Set Delimiter feature of mustache to change how mustache is working in my project? How can I put the write syntax into my JS generated by Jekyll/Liquid?

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I've found it to be buggy in the past (over a year ago), but I remember having to include the delimiter setting inside of my actual templates. For example:

{{=[[ ]]=}}

<div>There have been <strong>[[numVisits]]</strong> visits to this site!</div>

[[={{ }}=]]

Though I'm not sure if the initial {{ will be interpreted correctly given that some other library is looking at the same template.

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In my page that I put in the _posts folder (default jekyll setup) I have the following:

layout:      test
categories:  tests
comments:    false
date:        2013-02-02 21:15:30
title:       Version 0.1.1 - geoJSON From Google Docs
subtitle:    Grab the Data from Google Docs Spreadsheet

mustacheSetDelimiter: "{{={u{ }u}=}}"

Then down below I have the following test line:

// Testing mustache template: use this to set new delimiter tags {{page.mustacheSetDelimiter}}
console.log(Mustache.render("{{page.mustacheSetDelimiter}} County name: {u{countyname}u}", masterGeoJSON.features[0].properties));

It works like a charm.

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hind site: 20/20 I should have named the variable "setMustacheDelimiter" – Jeremy Iglehart Feb 3 '13 at 2:30

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