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Okay, so I've recently got my hands on the script to a textCMS system. However I wish to 'develop' it more for myself as its just too basic for my liking. I wouldn't say I'm a 'starter' php coder, however I'm not very advanced.

http://ppGATE.net <-- this is the CMS I am using.

Could someone please help me in introducing that when I use the online page editor, that if I use :) or :P that it changes it to a emot.

I've looked online and not really found anything that works yet.

Any help is thankful.

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str_replace(':)', '<img src="/path/to/smileyface.gif"/>', $string);

Repeat for the different smilies.

I'd say you are in fact a starter if you can't figure this one out on your own. You want to replace text smiley faces with images of smiley faces, correct? The code pretty much spells itself out.

If you want to get fancy like Joseph, you can also do this:

$emotDict = array(
    ':)' => '<img src="path/to/image/smile.gif"/>',
    ':(' => '<img src="path/to/image/sad.gif"/>'
    // and so on...

$updated_text = str_replace(array_keys($emotDict), array_values($emotDict), $your_text);

No need for regexes here.

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I can do other things. I've just never had the need to do this so I never learned in. It really depends what you count as 'starter' and 'general coder' however thank you. –  Laim Wallace McKenzie Feb 3 '13 at 2:41
I would agree that you are a starter. If you don't know how to handle basic string manipulation tasks with PHPs built in functions, you're definitely a starter. Nothing wrong with that - just own it and learn more :). –  Charles Addis Feb 3 '13 at 2:44

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