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Is it valid to replace http:// with // in a <script src=“http://…”>?

I just saw //sub.sitename.com/thing/ in a url. Is this standard? I would assume it keeps the scheme (http vs https) when going to the other site but I don't know. Is this standard? or a sin in the html world?

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Wait, are you saying that there are websites out there that don't have http/https in their URL's? –  David Feb 3 '13 at 3:34

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The answer is yes, this is standardized by RFC 3986 § 4.2:

A relative reference takes advantage of the hierarchical syntax (Section 1.2.3) to express a URI reference relative to the name space of another hierarchical URI.


A relative reference that begins with two slash characters is termed a network-path reference; such references are rarely used.

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