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I am trying to time a simple Python method using timeit but I keep getting the following error

File "<timeit-src>", line 6, in inner
KeyError: 'tree'

The code, as shown below, creates a 'tree' object and then I attempt to pass that object in the Timer object. I guess this is where the problem is.

Note that if instead I pass binarytree.mkthing(0,10) to Timer the code works. However doing this calls mkthing at every pass. I want to call it only once and then reuse it.

How should I go about doing that?

if __name__=="__main__":

    tree = mkthing(0,10)

    t1=timeit.Timer("binarytree.traverse_asc(locals()['tree'],binarytree.printout)","import binarytree")
    print t1.repeat(2, 3)
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you could do: from __main__ import tree in the setup code:

t1 = timeit.Timer("binarytree.traverse_asc(tree,binarytree.printout)",
                  setup = "import binarytree; from __main__ import tree")

Or better yet, move the making of the thing (tree) into the setup code all-together:

t1 = timeit.Timer("binarytree.traverse_asc(tree,binarytree.printout)",
                  setup = "import binarytree; tree = mkthing(0,10)")
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timeit.Timer evals the statement you pass it in inside the timeit module. It can't access the tree variable.

The question is somewhat related and should help you get the gist.

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