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I plot the mesh data with the following matlab commands

[x, y] = meshgrid(-10:0.1:10, -10:0.1:10);
z = exp(-x.^2 - y.^2);
mesh(x, y, z);
xlabel('time variable');
ylabel('space variable');

You will see that no matter how to rotate the axes, the x and y label are always aligned horizontally. Is there any way to make it align with the x axis and y axis separately while I rotating the axes?

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There has been a submission to align axes labels with the figure axis here.

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This only works for axis equal which is of little use for most 3D plots. – Trefex May 19 '14 at 12:36

You can set the rotation property of each label:

set(get(gca,'xlabel'),'rotation',angle); %where angle is in degrees
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